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Our Journey

Morarjee Textiles is the global leader in premium cotton shirting fabrics and high fashion printed fabrics.

Established in 1871, The Morarjee Goculdas Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd. is the oldest textile company in India. It is one of the first five companies to be listed in the Indian Stock Exchange market.
In 1935, The mill was acquired by Piramal Chaturbhuj, giving a rise to a new era of growth and prosperity. Quality and service have been the hallmark of the company ever since its inception. These factors have led to the survival of the company through the ups and downs in the textile industry.
The 1950’s Saw an unparalleled growth and expansion. The dye house was modernized with the installation of a continuous open-width boiling and bleaching plant, a modern impregnating unit and a steaming J. Box. This led to an upgrade of the mineral khaki,a product that Morarjee Mills has been known for.
In 1981 Morarjee acquired the Sayaji Mills located in Mumbai. This led to the Mill's transformation from being an obsolete loss making unit, to a highly profitable modern textile mill.
Till today, the ongoing up-grades in the technology and research & development of products have led to the transformation of Morarjee Textiles into a leading player in the fabric business. Most of the global and domestic trend setters are our clients today.
In the early 1990’s The biggest hurdle that the mill went through was during World War I and it did not only survive but came out much stronger. In 1940 the mill was a part of the Swadeshi movement and that’s when it set up its Khaki department. This was recognised by the father of the nation himself, Mahatma Gandhi. The Viceroy awarded a gold medal to the company’s khaki drill in the year 1942.
In 1996’s India's 1st High End Yarn Dyed Shirting Plants In Collabration with Manifattura Di Valle Brembana Spa Italy Italy.
In 2002’s We commenced our 2nd Factory - Manfacturing Prints and Voiles Fabrics
In 2016’s Completed major integrated expansion in Weaving, Printing & Finishing State-of-the-art
In 2017’s Spinning (Fully automated plant/factory/facility)
Till today Continous up–gradation of technology and research and development of products has transformed Morarjee into a leading player in the fabric business. Most of the leading global and domestic players are its clients today.

Morarjee Textiles have been the global leaders in the premium cotton shirting fabric and high fashion printed fabric industry for over a century.

Journey Towards Zero Waste

The Morarjee Textiles has integrated sustainability into the established integrated Management System. We are committed to prevention and control of water wastage, air and land pollution. To create a road map for this initiative, we have developed the “Environment Policy".

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